PCS Ltd was founded in the 1850s by Peter Camilleri and is now managed in the 5th Generation by Peter Camilleri. We supply all the furniture fittings that are available worldwide through various companies we represent. We also supply melamine chipboards in numerous colours and sizes together with matching postformed door panels and kitchen worktops. Solid timbers are also available.

Peter Camilleri founded his business in the 1850s as a shipwright at Porto Nuovo in Marsa. Now the Malta Shipbuilding and for the next 50 years worked on several steamships, barques, brigantines and sailing yachts and also did work for H.M Dockyard, War Department and Civil Government.

In the beginning of the 20th century the company known as Peter Camilleri & Co started importing timber, building materials and cement and was involved in the construction of the breakwater in Valletta and various other projects like the construction of the ferry terminal at the ferries in Sliema.

In the 1960s the company name was again changed to Peter Camilleri and Sons Ltd were it was run by the 3rd generation and was one of Malta’s leading timber importers.

Today the company has been changed once again to PCS Ltd were it is run by Peter Camilleri who is the 5th generation