Hafele is a highly-regarded partner in architecture, woodworking and property development. Hafele’s comprehensive hardware technology supply solutions include: furniture fittings, architectural hardware and Dialock, an electronic locking system.

We offer our customers a well-experienced designing ability, a wide selection of materials and fast production cycles. Our continuous research for innovations is supported by continuous and well targeted investments.

Our know-how has helped us find easy, suitable and wide-ranging solutions for projects, new materials and leading to considerable cost reductions, obtaining always the best product.

Button-fix – Panel fixing made easy

Button-fix is an excellent choice for interior fit-outs, renovation and furniture projects as it offers a really quick and reliably accurate way of attaching panels, signage and objects to walls, ceilings and other surfaces.

The concept is simple: durable nylon buttons are attached to the back of one panel and the mating fixes are attached to the other Bring the panels together and slide until the Button-fixes click.

Type 1

Connects parallel panels where the emphasis is on strength. Highly versatile, it can be surface-mounted or semi-rebated into the panel, orientated for vertical or sideways assembly.

Type 1 Flush

For applications where panel-to-panel contact is required. It fits a simple oval rebate and can be rebated into the edge of a panel of at least 28mm thick or the face of a panel of at least 18mm thick.

Type 1 Bonded

For use where screw-fixing to the panel is not possible and bonding is the preferred option. It can be either surface-mounted or semi-rebated and works with a broad range of materials.

Type 1 Metal

Ideal for use with fire-retardant panels, the Type 1 Metal is a highly versatile and reliable fastener that has been independently tested for strength and under shock loads and vibration.

Type 2

Connects panels at 90° and engages with a straight push. Ideal for panels with no clearance above or at the side and applications where the emphasis is on ease of access.

Comvi is a company based in Taiwan that supplies furniture fittings for kitchens, bedrooms and wardrobes. They also have bathroom fittings in stainless steel chrome plated finishes and other fittings for the furniture industry.